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There is something extraordinary inside you waiting to be unleashed.

Take a passion inventory.

Create a mind-map of potential pathways and possibilities. 

Develop a purpose declaration to inspire you forward on your journey.


What you will learn

To Ask Yourself Critical Questions

You might have an inkling (a tugging) that you were designed to do something extraordinary for the world.

To Clarify your Purpose

Purpose chases, prompts, and pulls you forward into a direction if you tap into your passion and unlock your potential. Purpose has checkpoints that confirm you are in the right place.

To Pause, Think, and Plan 

The Road to Purpose: The Twists and Turns of God’s Positioning System can help you define and refine your calling using your 3Ps: Passion (what you love to do), Potential (what you are able to do), and Purpose (what comes naturally and effortlessly to you—your calling).

To Take Action

The book provides an inspiring roadmap that allows you to pause, think, and take action to align your heart’s desire with God’s will for your life.

What people say about it...

. The book provided a way to see what gifts and talents you already have and how to make them part of your purpose. The author also provides wonderful personal stories and scripture which makes this book very endearing to the reader.

Debby Gibilisco

I appreciate the author’s transparency in sharing her own journey of finding her purpose and passions, and always punctuating the key points with the message of how God has a plan for us and will see it to completion when we submit to Him.

Michelle Martinez


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