Our mission is clear

Potential Pathways, LCC is a coaching and training company established in 2013 to help individuals and organizations explore possibilities that can catapult them to new heights.

Whether you are looking to improve your work life, career or organization, Potential Pathways can help you answers those questions that keep tugging at your conscious so you can explore your options and arrive to new possibilities for a better life and/or effective organization with a winning team.

  • Do you have the right coordinates to reach your desired goals and outcomes?
  • Can you trust the course you are currently taking?
  • Do you wonder how you can live a life or lead an organization of significance?
  • Can a thinking partner help you navigate your life, career, and organization more effectively?


If you are looking for personal and/or professional growth, Potential Pathways, LLC. can assist you to inspire, lead, and elevate your life and/or organization to reach its greatest next level. Through customized services, individuals looking to live a satisfied and meaningful life can learn to discover their potentiality, shift their thinking, and learn patterns for success by unlocking their true purpose.

Organizations looking to develop extraordinary teams can find innovative solutions, develop leadership, improve performance, and gain greater employee engagement that lead to collective impact when they solve the people puzzle and build connectivity among its team members. Potential Pathways is in the business of helping you to discover patterns for success and to explore the possibilities through life and executive coaching, team building, personal development and professional growth.



  • Personal Development
  • Exploration of Potentiality
  • More Confident
  • Patterns of Success
  • Meaningful Contributions


  • Leadership Development
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Team Connectivity
  • Productive Systems/Processes
  • Collective Impact
  • Life Coaching and Executive Coaching
  • Personal Assessments
  • 360 Leadership Assessment, DISC
    (DISC & Strength Finders) Profile and Leadership Game
  • Invest in Your Team Masterminds
  • Seminars/Trainings
  • Lunch-N-Learn

Our Leadership

Ana I. Berdecía, M.Ed., Founder and CEO of Potential Pathways, LLC.

I love to work with people to help them discover their passion, potential, and purpose.  There is something very special about being invited into someone's life as they become the leader of their life and as they strive to add value to their company's team. I see passion and potential as the gateway to the true purpose that can take a person or a company to new heights for meaningful living and industry impact. I partner with individuals and companies as a strength finder, growth expert, an encourager, an accountability partner. My formula for success is to identify your gifts and areas for growth, feed your faith, and fuel your passion so that you can be your greatest YOU. The highest form of leadership is self-leadership.  As you develop yourself, you will be in the position to reach your goals and inspire your team to greater productivity and excellence. It is time to get inspire, lead, and elevate yourself and your team to new possibilities.

I have been a growth expert for 30 years within the area of leadership, coaching/mentoring, team building, education, cultural competency, and the art of communication. I earned my master's degree in education and a BA in Sociology with a minor in women’s studies from The College of New Jersey. I am a certified coach, speaker, and trainer through the John Maxwell International Certification Program.

I have worked in the fields of social services, crisis management, higher education, public policy, and education. I have helped hundreds of people and organizations connect with their 3Ps passion, potential, and purpose through examine their possibilities using coaching, team building, and the art of facilitated conversations. In addition, I am extremely active in my church where I sing and teach. I have been happily married to my wonderfully supportive husband Enrique; we have two adult sons, Adán and Gabriel, a daughter-in-love Staicy, and three adorable grandchildren, Daniel Luis, Jericho Sebastian, Hope Grace. Potential is my favorite word because it filled with hope, hints at greatness, and is based on possibilities.

Potential Pathways, LLC. offers individual, executive, and team coaching, leadership assessments, seminars, and mastermind groups.  For more information call (609) 468-4874 or email Coach Ana at ana.berdecia@potentialpathways.com or visit Potential Pathways, LLC.'s website at www.potentialpathways.com

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