"In the span of nearly 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Ana both on a personal level and on a professional level. I consider her to be one of my mentors and she has certainly paved the way for many young professionals to have meaningful opportunities for networking and growth.  I can confidently say that she has elevated my ability to think critically across multiple disciplines in ways that have improved my cognitive skills, well-being and emotional intelligence.  I admire her inner strength and thoughtful approach to personal development.  Her insight, strong ethics, diverse professional experience, unique intuition and her ability to amplify your strengths through personal self-reflection and accountability, are the markers of a great leader.  Most recently, as I embarked in a new role as Chief Program Officer for a non-profit community based organization, I needed an ally in my efforts to shift the leadership and relationship dynamics at my organization to increase productivity, build trusting relationships and grow from lessons learned.  Ana facilitated two Leadership Games for two of my departments and produced follow-up summaries with recommendations for increased productivity and staff engagement, which I frequently reference when making decisions about organizational development and shared leadership.  She also facilitated a DISC workshop for our school-based managers with the goal of building cohesion and teamwork, and her feedback and support throughout this long process continues to set the framework for sustainable organizational change and improved performance."

Maritza I. Raimundi-Petroski, MPA

Chief Program Officer, PRAB

Paula Figueroa-Vega

“I worked closely with Ana for six months during a challenging period in my professional career.  She helped me filter through all the doubts and confusion so I could focus on attainable goals and objectives.  I appreciated her style of listening, asking critical questions, challenging some of my assumptions and having me report on my progress.  She kept me accountable.  The six months were imperative for my professional growth and it was a tremendous help.  I thought that it was valuable during our time, but afterwards I appreciate it even more. We set some things in motion that helped me for much longer than the six months we worked closely together.  Professionally, I can reach out to her and still get input on important aspects of my work.  I recommend her to anyone looking for support and growth."

Paula Vega Figueroa

Coaching Client

Pastor Ariel Ramos and wife Nancy-AG Church

"“Working with a group of young, talented and enthusiastic people for God’s glory is both exciting and challenging! The personality training, we received from Sister Ana Berdecia was truly helpful and eye- opening. As a pastor, the need for a team to work united is a must but getting there is not so easy. This DISC training has helped the team understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and has made ministry that much easier. Sister Ana brought clarity to a real problem in our group -  the material were valuable enhance our communication. She pointed out that although we were on the same team, not everyone would work the same way.   God will use the most introverted person as well as the most outwardly spoken person among us. We’re all different and that’s by design.”

Pastor Ariel & Nancy Ramos

AG Church - Trenton, New Jersey


"I have known Ana Berdecía for 18 years. During that time, I have had an opportunity to work with her in numerous capacities where she has demonstrated great integrity, thoughtfulness, and professionalism. I had the good fortune to work with her consulting firm when she came in to work with one of my clients in a team-building exercise. During that time, she engaged the staff in a Leadership Game that not only helped the organizational staff bond, but it helped them to see themselves and others in a different way. We then used the findings from her extremely professional report to improve relationships in the organization.

I also personally took advantage of her coaching services. Her support, guidance, and experience helped me come up with effective strategies to effectively and positively navigate numerous situations while allowing me to direct the issues that I wanted to address. She was an incredible resource, and I feel that anyone who works with her will find themselves evolving into the person they always wanted to be."

Paulina Goldman

Founder/CEO of Capacity Building Experts

Calvary Women's Ministries

"I had the opportunity to watch this most seasoned presenter use her talent at our recent church retreat. This event brings together annually 100 women from significantly vast and different socio-economic paths. You can imagine the challenge one faces when trying to achieve true group participation in that setting, coupled with honest emotion and self-exposure. Ana’s sincerity and unique approach laid the platform for an atmosphere of complete comfort and “real” responses to connect to our personality types with the goal of understanding ourselves and others better. There was a lot of self-reflection and a lot of laughter as our women worked to identify the best parts of themselves through the DISC Model of Human Behavior.”

Renee B. Reedman

Director of Women’s Ministries Calvary Full Gospel Church -
Fairless Hills, PA.